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Termination & Confidentiality

What You Need to Know

The Monitor reserves the right to refuse access, cancel or terminate a visit or all services if the Non-Custodial/Custodial Parent, violates the Agreement for Service or if the Monitor feels threatened or if he/she feels that it is not in the best interest of the child(ren) to continue (or accept) the Custodial/Non-Custodial Parent's case.
a.  No privilege of confidentiality exists between the Non-Custodial/Custodial Parent and the Monitor. This includes any communication, whether written, observed or heard between Monitor and Non-Custodial/Custodial Parent, Non-Custodial/Custodial Parent and child(ren), Monitor and child(ren), or any other form of communication with other parties during the supervised visit and/or supervised exchange.
b.  The observation notes, heard comments, spoken information or any other information will be shared when:
     i.  Requested by the court mediator, court investigator, or evaluator in conjunction with a court ordered mediation, investigation or evolution.
     ii.  Required by Child Protective Services.
     iii.  Required by a law enforcement agency.
     iv.  When a report is requested by either party or their attorney.
c.  In addition, a case file may be reviewed during an evaluation by the evaluator or attorney.
d.  The Monitor will keep identifying information, such as, addresses, place of work, phone numbers, etc. confidential. This information will not be included in any reports except when ordered by the court, reporting child abuse or to police agencies in the event of abduction.
Note: A supervised visitation and/or supervised exchange may be canceled if child(ren) become extremely fearful, upset and/or agitated, making the visitation and/or exchange unproductive. Also supervised visitations and/or supervised exchanges are subject to cancellation if a Custodial/Non-Custodial Parent violates said guidelines. Cancellations are subject to fees. 

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